Elixir Auto Detailing - Exterior Car Wash and Wax in GTA

Exterior Car Wash & Wax in the GTA

Full service exterior car detailing gets rid of all surface dirt that accumulates on your vehicle's body, wheels and wheel caps. Let your original color shine and post wash wax making your car look brand new.

Let your Shiny car
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Our exterior service is not just a simple car wash! It is much more than that and every exterior detailing session follows the guidelines to get dirt from every nook and cranny on the exterior of your vehicle. Here are a list of goals we think a proper exterior detailing session needs to achieve.
Scratch-free wash using two bucket method
Cleaning door jambs and door sills
Chemical decontamination (iron remover)
Mechanical decontamination (clay bar)
Dry with a plush microfibre towel
Paste wax/sealant
Exterior & Interior windows cleaned (streak-free)
Tire dressing (sling-free)
*Prices may vary based on the condition of the interior / exterior of the vehicle.
Car Exterior Polish
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Car exterior wiping Windows Crystal clear streak-free finish.
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Car Exterior Wax Hand Wash Scratch free hand wash using two bucket method.
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Car Exterior Buff Wax Adds maximum protection and shine.

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Our Exterior Cleaning Process

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Exterior Wash
Start with a cool surface when possible
Rinse Wheels
Agitate the wheel face and barrel with an EZ Detail Brush
Agitate the tire surface with a Tuf Shine Tire Brush
Agitate the lug holes with a Detail Brush
Spray off with a pressure washer
Rinse Car
Foam with MTM PF22.2 foam cannon
Hand wash with microfibre mitt
Iron Remover (chemical decontamination)
Product applied to all painted surfaces, glass, wheels, lights
Clay (mechanical decontamination)
Using a Clay Bar or AutoScrub on the paint’s surface removes embedded contaminants that cannot be removed with a regular wash. Optimum No Rinse is used as a lubricant to reduce marring and scratching
Rinse thoroughly and dry the car with a plush microfibre towel
Wipe the vehicle down with CARPRO Eraser to prepare the surface for sealant
Apply a thin layer of Sealant to the painted surface
Wipe off
Apply tire dressing and clean windows
*Protection lasts typically 6-9 months.

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Interested in more than one service? Check out our carefully curated packages!