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If you need your paint corrected, go as far as Elixir Auto Detailing in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. If you're a vehicle enthusiast seeking the most incredible finish, go no further than our highly trained personnel and cutting-edge techniques.
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Paint Correction: What Is It?

Paint Correction is unparalleled in quality since it is performed by trained experts using state-of-the-art technology to provide long-lasting, flawless results. Elixir Auto Detailing has earned its reputation as a premium paint correction by consistently exceeding customer expectations.

During paint correction, professional technicians use abrasive chemicals, polishing machines, and methods to remove these imperfections from the clear coat or top layer. Polish the surface to make it shine. This tedious process often requires multiple polishing stages with finer abrasive chemicals to refine the paint surface for best results.
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Three Benefits Of Paint Correction

Paint correction has many benefits! Three of the main benefits would be:
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Enhanced Aesthetics

Paint correction enhances the visual attractiveness of your vehicle by removing undesirable flaws such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. The technique restores a rich, glossy shine to your car, giving it a showroom-like appearance that makes it stand out on the road and increases its total value.
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Increased Paint Protection

Paint correction prepares the clear coat for extra protective measures such as ceramic coatings or sealants by correcting surface imperfections. These extra layers form a strong barrier against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and chemical damage, thereby extending the life of your car's paintwork and minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups.
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Improved Resale Value

Investing in paint correction not only improves the appearance of your car but also increases its resale value. A vehicle with a beautifully restored paint finish can command a higher price in the used automobile market because it indicates to potential buyers that the vehicle has been well-maintained and cared for throughout its existence. This makes it a fantastic long-term investment for automobile owners wishing to enhance the resale value of the vehicle.
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Make Your Car Look Brand New Again!

All-in-One Correction

This is a single-step paint correction service that involves using a specially formulated product to remove minor defects and restore the paint's gloss and shine. This service is ideal for newer vehicles that have minor surface imperfections.

One-Step Correction

This is a more intensive single-step paint correction service that involves using a combination of abrasive compounds and polishing techniques to remove deeper scratches and swirls. This service is ideal for older vehicles that have more significant paint defects.

Two-Step Correction

This is the most comprehensive paint correction service, involving a two-step process that involves using progressively finer abrasive compounds to remove even deeper scratches and defects. This service is ideal for vehicles with severely damaged or neglected paintwork.

Paint Correction Packages

Package 1

Single Stage Paint Correction:

Meticulous decontamination wash of all surfaces
Single-stage polish
6-9 month sealant applied or upgrade to a ceramic coating
Tire and trim dressing
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Package 2

Two Stage Paint Correction:

Thorough decontamination wash
Multi-stage polish for flawless finish (Compound & Polish)
6-9 month sealant or upgrade to ceramic coating
Tire and trim dressing
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What is the difference between paint correction and a traditional car wash or wax?

Paint repair is a specialist detailing process that goes above and beyond a regular car wash or wax. While a car wash cleans the surface and waxing adds a protective layer, paint correction removes defects from the clear coat, such as swirl marks and scratches, and restores the paint's natural gloss and clarity.

How long does the paint correction process typically take?

The duration of paint correction is determined by the state of your vehicle's paint and the severity of the flaws. It can take many hours to a whole day on average, due to the multiple phases of polishing and precise attention to detail required to get optimal results.

Can paint correction completely remove deep scratches and paint chips?

While paint correction can greatly improve the look of tiny scratches and surface imperfections, it may not be able to remove deep scratches or paint chips that have pierced the base coat completely. However, the method can make these flaws less obvious, and for more severe damage, more touch-up paint or repairs may be required.

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