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Car Paint Correction in the GTA

Permanently restore your vehicle's paint to better than when you first brought your car home from the dealer. Our paint correction process removes all imperfections and brings your car back to life, better than new!

Make your car look brand new again!

Paint correction is the removal of swirls, scratches, and other imperfections. The most suitable treatment for your car depends on the condition of your paint and the desired outcome. Contact us if you have any questions and exact quotes.
Removal of swirls and scratches in the paint to significantly increase the shine and gloss of the paintwork
All-in-one: Removes some imperfections in the paint and adds a layer of protection, topped with a spray wax or sealant
Two-step correction: True paint correction, removes 80%+ of swirls and scratches from the paint. Followed by polishing for shine, clarity, and gloss. Lock it in with a wax/sealant/ceramic coating for an almost perfect paint finish
Three-step correction: On top of a two-step correction, a third step called jeweling is added to squeeze every bit of shine from the car.
Wet Sanding: For repainted cars with lots of orange peel, car show, museum, or auction. Also, used to remove isolated deep scratches
Milton's Highest Rated Online Tutors
Milton's Highest Rated Online Tutors
Seats Decontaminate ignificantly increase the shine and gloss of the paintwork.
Milton's Highest Rated Online Tutors
Console Scratch Removal Remove isolated scratch and imperfections.
Milton's Highest Rated Online Tutors
Panels Polish Coatings offer a stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting paint protectant.

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